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Longest Day of Work Ever..

When you know at the end of the workday (5pm), you get to leave to pick up your boyfriend, who you haven’t seen in over a week, at the airport.


Stadium Lights


We all have them. Whether they are next door, down the block, 50 ft away, or maybe the closest neighbor is several miles away. I live in an apartment complex, so my neighbors are all really close. And although I don’t know any of their names.. even after living here for 10 months.. I do know things about them.

  • I know the people that share a bedroom wall with me have a baby.. even though I have never seen them.
  • I know that the guy upstairs likes to run on his treadmill a lot. At weird times of the day, too. I am guessing he is in college.
  • I know that the girl who used to live on the same floor as me would leave bags of trash outside her door for days. When she would decide to go to the dumpster (a short walk away), she would attach the trash bags to the outside of her car door and drive it down to the bins. This girl I would also see in the apartment gym. She confused me.

Even though it gets frustrating hearing the guy running on his treadmill upstairs.. sometimes I am glad I live in such proximity to other people. I was falling asleep last night.. alone as the boy is still out in California… and I just was feeling very very alone in the darkness. Then I heard some soft thuds in the apartment next to me. People moving around, it seems. It was just comforting to know that there were people right there. Living their lives so close.

This morning I turned in my notice that I will be leaving my apartment when my lease is up in January. And at this point… I’m not sure if I will be living in an apartment or a house. Or a box on the side of the street. But wherever I move.. I will try to get to know my neighbors a bit better. So that if I do hear thuds.. I can think.. “Oh, that’s just Shaniqua and Sparky.”

This American Life

During the six plus months of our relationship, Josh and I have taken several road trips. Most of those times, it was going to or from a wedding. Sometimes late at night. We needed a way to pass the time, and also to stay awake. Music doesn’t always seem to accomplish this. So Josh started bringing along cds of This American Life, a show that airs on npr once a week. I have really grown to love the show. They take a subject and go about telling stories (maybe 4 per hour episode) about the subject. The great thing too.. if you go to their website, you can stream any episode online.

About a month ago, I had to do a big cleaning of my closet. It was a mess. Clothes, boxes, papers everywhere. No room for anything else. So while I took a couple of hours to clean, I listened to episodes.Today, on a Sunday, when there is nothing on tv (especially when you only get channels 2-22), and when my boyfriend is off in California still for Thanksgiving.. I decide to listen to a few more. And now I’ve spent almost my entire day doing that. Oh well.

If you’re interested in the show.. here’s a couple of episodes I recommend:
Kid Logic
Superpowers (definitely the first act)


Hi! Welcome to my new blog. When redesigning, I accidentally did something resulting in me not being able to access all of my old posts. I hope to recover them when I get some time, and move them over to the new, improved blog! (this one). But until then.. all new posts!

I’m still figuring out more things here, like the archives.. so be patient with me PLEASE if you notice something not working.. hopefully it will be fixed in the next few days.

And.. just for a picture to spice things up..

On a String