This American Life

During the six plus months of our relationship, Josh and I have taken several road trips. Most of those times, it was going to or from a wedding. Sometimes late at night. We needed a way to pass the time, and also to stay awake. Music doesn’t always seem to accomplish this. So Josh started bringing along cds of This American Life, a show that airs on npr once a week. I have really grown to love the show. They take a subject and go about telling stories (maybe 4 per hour episode) about the subject. The great thing too.. if you go to their website, you can stream any episode online.

About a month ago, I had to do a big cleaning of my closet. It was a mess. Clothes, boxes, papers everywhere. No room for anything else. So while I took a couple of hours to clean, I listened to episodes.Today, on a Sunday, when there is nothing on tv (especially when you only get channels 2-22), and when my boyfriend is off in California still for Thanksgiving.. I decide to listen to a few more. And now I’ve spent almost my entire day doing that. Oh well.

If you’re interested in the show.. here’s a couple of episodes I recommend:
Kid Logic
Superpowers (definitely the first act)

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