…And Now I Live in Seattle

Day 6 of 366: Room with a View

So. I’ve been here for a few days now (and today is my first day with the internet!) After these few days I have decided I don’t like driving in Seattle. Here’s why.. driving in Austin can be confusing, and Austin drivers are a bit crazy, but it’s the streets! There are so many random one-way streets here. Oh, and I hear you can’t drive down 3rd avenue during certain parts of the day because only buses can go down it.

Since I haven’t had the internet, I haven’t been able to look up bus routes or anything fun like that. So yesterday (first day of work) I decided to drive. So I drove to the headquarters, where orientation was, which wound up going okay. I only got slightly lost going there. At the end of the day, I took the shuttle back from my building to the headquarters and got in my car and got SOOO lost going back. First I got lost right after I left. Once I found my way to 99, I figured it was smooth sailing. It was. Until I missed the right turn I needed to make. I wound up driving all around Queen Anne for awhile before I found a street that actually did not Dead End. By the time I made it home, I was worn out from all the driving and trying to figure out where I was.

So today I took the bus. I get a free bus pass, and it is awesome. There is a bus that picks up right outside my apartment and then drops off a few blocks from work. I love the bus. I am fine commuting around the central area of the city by bus, and only taking my car places on weekends, and when I want to drive out to Target or a mall.

Oh, btw.. I still have been taking a photo every day! I’m going to try to post all of them on Flickr today.


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