More Snow

Around 4am this morning I woke up and as I was lying there, I looked out the window. Even without my glasses on, I realized what was falling from the sky. Snow.

Even though it has snowed a couple of times since we’ve moved here, I get excited each time. The time it stuck on the ground a bit. This past Saturday, when Josh and I were at a coffee house in Queen Anne and we saw the flakes start to fall outside.. and then stop. Last night when all of the flakes caught the reflection of the light outside the window and they looked pink-ish.

Now the snow has stopped here. As I look outside the window, I see cars with inches of caked snow drive by, from further north. And I keep wishing that the snow will start again.

Edit to add:

After I got to work this morning, it started snowing again hard. So the only other guy that was there in my dept decided to go work from home, and I decided to do the same. Josh and I took a break and went up to the rooftop to play a bit.

snowball and seattle snowball a little snowman Footprints


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