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Today Josh and I walked to the new Top Pot Doughnuts that just popped up in Queen Anne only a few blocks away from us! We both had coffee and chose a donut. Josh picked a maple-glazed cake donut and I picked a raspberry-glazed regular donut. They were yummy.

almost finished mmmmmm

Afterwards, we walked off the calories by heading to Trader Joes and then Safeway. It is really nice to be able to walk to the grocery store so easily.

Yawn. I was going to write this really thrilling rendition of my day, but I am just too tired. Instead I think I’ll take a shower and go to bed instead.

What We Did Today

mountain! perfect day chair lift in the snow ski

Okay, okay. Don’t let these photos fool you. We did not go skiing today. We decided to get out of Seattle, so we drove east on I-90 and decided we might as well see what Snoqualmie Pass looks like. (Snoqualmie Pass is where many Seattlites go skiing since it’s only about an hour away).

It looks like fun. I don’t know if we will go skiing/snowboarding this season, but Josh is already talking about getting season tickets for next season, so we will definitely be back.

Friday Afternoon

Took advantage of the great weather (sunny and in the 50s!) yesterday and went exploring.

Swirls Birds .......

And more..

Connected The Pavilion

A Walk to Seattle Center

Space Needle View 1 Space Needle View 2

A Walk Around Green Lake

Green Lake Reflections Dock No Swimming No Diving

New Pics

new place new place Tree Sunset Beach Lighthouse

blah.  sick.

We’re going to San Francisco!

Okay.. so not until the end of August… but we booked our flight and hotel today. Should be fun. I’m excited about seeing SF, especially with someone who used to live there and knows the city. Yay.

3 States Today

This is an exciting day. Even though I can’t go caucus, because I am not registered to vote… Washington is today! Hilary had an event here in Seattle on Thurs night, and yesterday I followed coverage of Obama at Key Arena. Apparently there were loooots of people there, both filling the inside and the crowd of people outside that couldn’t get in. I am excited to see how the race turns out here. Fingers crossed. Go Obama!

Queen Anne

a walk around the neighborhood..

... . ..