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Haven’t taken many photos lately, unfortunately. So here’s some older ones I haven’t posted before:

Beach The Olympics Majestic

oh.. ps.. it did snow.


So APPARENTLY there is a possibly of snow the next four-ish days. Ridiculous.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Happy Easter

Lots of Painting

We have gotten the go-ahead that we can paint. So that’s how Josh and I will be spending a big part of Easter Sunday. Early this afternoon we went to Sherwin-Williams in Ballard. When we walked in, there were these two ladies hogging the area by the paint samples. One of them had her back to the paint and was pretty much just leaning on it. Right by the colors we needed to look at. We managed to grab a few samples and then came to a decision on a color called “Lively Yellow.” I am a little apprehensive about it. It is a very bright yellow-green. Almost neon-like. But I think once it’s on, and once we hang pictures and get other things in the room more situated, it will be great.

My plans.. right now the room has a very green-blue-beige color scheme going on. (see rug in pic below)

new place

But now.. with the yellow-green going onto the walls, the rug isn’t going to fit in so well. So eventually.. there will be a lovely transfer of the rug into one of the bedrooms, and it will be replaced by something more bright white (although, really.. do I want to take that chance), or something grey (much more likely).

I’d also really really really love to reupholster chairs. See that chair Josh is sitting in? It used to be my grandma’s. It’s the one piece of furniture I claimed, and I’d love to keep it, but I’d also love the springs in the bottom to be fixed and to restain and cover it in a print or a lighter color. I think I might just get a simpler chair from a flea market and try to learn how to reupholster that, and then work up to this chair.. which may take a year or more.

Anyways.. back to the painting. I am going to take before/after pics, so be looking for those in a few days!

A Trip Soon

Take on the Capitol

Just a little over 2 weeks til VACATION! Where are we going, you might ask? Well.. nowhere that exciting. Only back to Austin for an extended weekend. But I am excited. To feel warm weather! And wear a dress. And see old friends, and my family. Totally pumped. I thought about mking a list of all the things I wanted to do while I was there.. but that’s just ridiculous. I would never get to them all.

It’s funny, how you live in a place for two years and it seems all ordinary, but when you move away, and then come back to visit, there are all these places you miss that you want to visit, and things you want to see and do.

It also doesn’t help when people ask where you moved from, and you say “Austin” and they go, “oh, I hear Austin is fantastic!” And you think.. “it is.”

But.. I am excited for summer in Seattle! I have a feeling that summer in Seattle will totally beat summer in Austin. There’s a reason I spent almost every weekend last summer by the pool.. it was way too hot to be too far away from water or air conditioning.

No more typing.. have to get ready for work.

Rain Rain Rain

It’s rainy. And we are inside. But.. I do have a big to-do list to tackle. Starting with trying to unpack two boxes in the spare room. I’m inspired to get this place all clean and organized.. and then I can tackle other things on my to-do list. Like getting my sewing machine set up. And trying to learn how to sew.

Here’s a pic I took a few weeks ago that I’m thinking about hanging on a wall somewhere..


Flight of the Conchords

Last week I was in Salt Lake City for a few days at the Omniture Summit. The summit itsself was really cool, Lance Armstrong and Seth Godin both spoke… but the REALLY REALLY awesome part was Flight of the Conchords performing at the party. I wound up only being 3 rows back.


Flight of the Conchords Flight of the Conchords Flight of the Conchords


Josh at the Bus Stop Post Alley Gum

gas works park

Last weekend…

Jumper My Love