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Reminicing on a Cool Day..

At the beginning of April, I was in Austin for a few days. Those days were jam-packed and it barely seemed like there was a moment to relax. Luckily, I got to see friends and family. There are definitely things I miss.. I miss HEB and the inexpensiveness of it, I miss warm weather (Does it ever stay warm here in Seattle?), I miss the ease of parking, and I miss good Mexican food, margaritas, and the Alamo Drafthouse.

Here’s a picture I took while Josh and I were there in April..

45 Zilker

And here are some older pictures from Austin.. places I miss..

Cupcake Stand Take on the Capitol A Restoration of SortsInside Art My Favorite Building Color Schemes Leisurely Afternoon

Oh, there are nice things about Seattle too. I just want it to be warm and stay that way!

Sasquatch Festival!

As you can see.. I took another break from the photo processing lesson again this past Monday. Hey, it was a holiday. And I was 2-2 and a half hours away from my computer. Josh and I went to Sasquatch, a music festival similar to but not quite as cool as Austin City Limits Festival. We did get to see Flaming Lips, Built to Spill, Flight of the Conchords, Mars Volta (was not a fan of), and the Hives.

It was fun, and the scenery was fantastic.. but it just didn’t seem as much of an Event as ACL. Not as much going on. On the plus side, it was fantastic weather, not too hot and not too cold. On the downside, it was far away and we got back after 1am and I had to get up and go to work this morning.

Anyways.. here’s some pics..




Looking Away


Guess the Combination

What I Learned Today

Today I learned two very important things.

  1. Josh and I were on the bus today riding back from downtown (we went shopping!) and I heard one guy say “Hey, you know how they have tinyurl? Well.. some guy made hugeurl.” Yay, huge url. Their tagline is: Because bigger is better, right?
  2. Such nice weather today.. margarita weather. So Josh and I decided to make margaritas. Now we haven’t bought any alcohol besides wine and beer since we moved here, so we had to find the closest liquor store. Guess what? The liquor stores here are state run, and the people that work there.. state employees. How weird is that? So each neighborhood only has one. Unfortunately, the one is our neighborhood is is lower Queen Anne, which is not close to us. Also, being state run.. it feels dirty. When Josh and I left.. we both talked about how it made us feel like we just walked out of a weird like xxx movie store or something. So weird.

At Gap today…

Legs and Shoes


Discovery Park

Boys will be Boys



Discovery Park

Overlookin the Sunset

Photo Processing Lesson 4

Link to Photo Processing Lesson 3: Jazzing Up Photos

Lesson 4
Fake Tilt-Shift Photography – a Photoshop Lesson

Step One: Choose the right picture. I like to choose ones from above looking onto a scene.. picture a model village. (click image to enlarge)

Step Two: First select the Quick Mask button (the one circled at the bottom) and then the gradient tool (the one circled in the middle)


Step Three: Make sure you have the default b/w settings selected, the right gradient selected (circled) and the reverse selected (circled).


Step Four: Drag the gradient vertically so that it looks something like below.


Step Five: Click out of the Quick Mask and you’ll see an area selected.


Step Six: Go to Filter>Blur>Lens Blur. In the selection below, I kept the radius low (at 14) but many pictures might call for a higher one. You have to judge what looks right for your picture. (click picture for larger image)


Step Seven: I increased the saturation to 50. I also played a little bit with the Curves feature and lightened the picture.


Step Eight: I cropped the picture slightly, and then I am done! (click for bigger image)


A Day at the Arboretum

Today Josh and I ventured out on a beautiful day. We were planning on going to Gasworks Park, but we were in Capitol Hill, so we drove through the Washington Park Arboretum to see what it was like.. and it was so nice and peaceful we decided to just walk through there instead. We’ll go fly a kite at Gasworks some other day.

..StairsTwirled .. Leafed