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I’ve seen some really amazing, beautiful man-made structures. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Mall area in Washington DC. But as far as nature.. I think I was in the most beautiful place I have ever seen yesterday.

Josh and I drove an hour and a half north to Deception Pass. We parked and walked over the bridge, as many people were doing. The view from up there was just stunning. Seeing the blue-green water sparkle in the sun, seeing the islands near and far, seeing the Olympic Mountains disappear in the distance. Stunning. A great day.


boating by the rocks

blue green water

One of the best weekends up here yet.

A pic..


More tomorrow.. it’s late.

Binary Solo



Time is our most precious commodity. I wish I had more time in the day. If I had an additional 5 hours in the day, how would I spend it?

1 hour – just talking with Josh
1 hour – cooking something healthy and yummy
1 hour – exercising
1 hour – doing the photo ideas I have floating around in my head but no time to implement
1 hour – working on all the projects that keep piling up

I’m going to try to set aside more time to do some of these things and less time watching tv and browsing the internets.

Happy Birthday Eric!

Happy Birthday to my brother Eric. He’s 22. Oooolllllllllllllllldd.

Here’s a pic of him with his lovely girlfriend Kat. Aren’t they cute? Okay, so maybe you can’t see them so well.. but I just edited this pic I took of them a few years ago and I wanted to post it.

It Looms

Photoshop Lesson: Dodging and Burning

Dodging and Burning in Photoshop

Sometimes you have a photo that just looks flat. Maybe the clouds need more definition, maybe something needs lightening. Whatever it is, there are a couple of ways to get the effect you want.

First of all.. there are the dodging and burning tools in Photoshop. You will find them right below the PaintBucket/GradientFill tool (at least in CS2). If you use those tools, I suggest making a copy of your background layer and doing one layer for dodging and one layer for burning. This way, you can change the opacity as needed.

This is a great method, and fantastic that photoshop offers these tools. However, there is one downside.. if you went overboard on one part, it’s hard to erase, because you begin to erase the photograph as well. Plus, it is destructive, meaning it affects the pixels on the layer.

So here is another method. Creating new layers and painting black and white onto the layers. What do I mean by that?

I start with this image:


Then I create a new layer and use the following settings:
From the Drop Down menu, select Soft Light, and then check the box for fill with soft neutral light.


Next, select a brush and size, and the color black. Make strokes on the picture where you want the “burning” to be.


It looks crazy, yes. But after you are done, take the opacity of the layer down to a low number. I used 11%.

Next, create a new layer in the same way. This time, paint on it in white for the “dodging.” Do the same thing.. in taking it down to a reasonable opacity.

And.. the best part about this.. if you did lighten (or darken) an area too much, you can just go to that layer and erase the brush stroke and start over in that area. Easy.

Finished (not a huge difference, but sometimes you want it to be subtle, sometimes it will be more drastic):

Thanks gettyimages!

Oh Sunday, competing with Saturday for most relaxing day of the week.

This afternoon Josh and I spotted some blue skies, so we went over to Gasworks Park with a frisbee! Tossed the frisbee around, relaxed on a blanket, watched seaplanes land, daydreamed about which houseboat across the lake we would want to live in… mmm.. what could be better than that?


Blue Jeans

Looking Across

Thanks gettyimages!


It’s been pleasantly warm the last couple of days. Yesterday when I got home from work, Josh and I took a leisurely stroll. We didn’t have any idea where we were walking, just towards Lower Queen Anne. We wound up at the Seattle Center, walked around a bit, then decided that we might as well get burgers, fries and shakes. Mmmm.. soo good. And we KNEW there was a liquor store somewhere in the area, but weren’t sure where. Josh said he bet if we asked anyone, they could point us in the right direction. So we asked a group of people at the bus stop. They immediately all laughed and then pointed us in the right direction. And then we went home and made margaritas!

Today we walked to Top Pot to get donuts. The last two times we went, they didn’t have my favorite donut! So we were a little worried that they wouldn’t this time. When we walked in, this one girl saw us and immediately put the donut I wanted on a plate. Sooo nice that she remembered. Then, when we were leaving we thanked her and she gave us another one of those. I love Top Pot.

Needed a nice, relaxing day so Josh and I have spent the afternoon relaxing, listening to music, and watching tv with all the windows and doors open. Now it’s cooling off, but I did edit some photos today..

Setting a Good Example


Big Orange Cone


Rocket Power

Blast Off

Construction Model

Orange Cone