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At the Capitol Hill Block Party. Did not see live nude dancers. Did see some pretty girls. Unfortunately, missed the arcade.

At Neumos

more from the block party…

Easy Street

Capitol Hill Block Party

This weekend was the block party over in Capitol Hill. Bands playing.. beer.. food..

Josh and I went on Friday afternoon. Got to hear some good bands.. wish I could remember their names.

But here is what you really want.. pictures..



Yellow Line

More from NY..

central park, new york city


new york public library steps

Stairs of Knowledge

A Love/Hate Relationship with Seattle

Once it turned summer here in Seattle… in oh.. the month of July.. it’s been gorgeous. Everything is green… it’s warm outside.. but not too warm. We can go take a walk in the afternoon and not feel like we are being cooked by the sun. And.. Monday evening around 9-ish, when I was driving to pick up Josh from the airport, the sun was setting.. and out my windshield.. I could see Mount Rainier.. huge and imposing… and the snow on it looked pink.. from the sunset. It was fantastic. Made me wish I had a camera. And just when I am thinking I really like it here…

Then comes Tuesday. When I woke up Tuesday morning I was so cold. And it was cold outside. And cloudy. Gloomy. The clouds were supposed to burn off in the afternoon. They didn’t. Enter today. Same thing. Booo. I don’t like wearing a sweater to work in July and drinking hot tea because they insist on having the air conditioner on. Not liking it so much anymore.

Come back, summer!

September 2006

When I take photos, I go through them afterwards and pick out which ones to edit. I often don’t get around editing all the ones I plan on. So today I took out my external hard drive and went through some of the photos I took when Steph and I went to nyc in September two years ago to see which ones I should go back and edit. Here are a few..

Columbus Circle

around they go

World Trade Center Memorial


Under a bridge in Central Park

Fake Band Photo

Before I’m 27…

 Inspired by Hula Seventy, I decided to create a list.

26 things to do before I turn 27 on May 17th…..

  1. Get a bicycle
  2. Road trip to Portland
  3. Take the ferry to Victoria, Canada
  4. Visit Vancouver, Canada
  5. Make a great blackberry cobbler
  6. Make my own pasta
  7. Do a photography series project
  8. Learn HDR photography
  9. Take a photography class
  10. Walk home from work one day
  11. Learn to snowboard
  12. Sew a pillow
  13. Get my grandma’s old chair reupholstered
  14. Watch the sunrise at Kerry Park
  15. Watch the sunset over the water
  16. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
  17. Have a photo published in a tangible publication (magazine, newspaper, book).
    (the photo in the WSJ last year doesn’t count)
  18. Visit the Seattle Art Museum
  19. Take photos in a photobooth w/Josh
  20. Go to the zoo
  21. Fly a kite
  22. Go a week without turning on my laptop
  23. Acquire a taste for tomatoes
  24. Eat at the Salt Lick again
  25. Have a dinner party
  26. Ride the Seattle Center Monorail

Lonely Bicycle

Lonely Bicycle



Welcome to Fun

Welcome to Fun