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Vacation Weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have a huuge backlog of pics to edit and post here.. and I’ll be accumulating lots more this weekend as I’m off to San Francisco tomorrow. I’ll be back next week and then I hope more regular posting can continue.


I haven’t posted in forever! I had a very lovely friend arrive in Seattle last Thursday and she just left today. So we’ve been spending the last few days hanging out. I took lots of pics, but haven’t really had a chance to go through them yet. However, I tried to get through a few, just so I would have something to post.

When she got here on Thursday, we had lunch and then went over to Fremont, a neighborhood here. We walked around, and stopped by an organic chocolate shop where they were making smores with their chocolate bars. In that second one I am chewing a smore. No, really. That’s not what my face usually looks like.

Yummy Smore

Chewing a Smore


KFC and Olympics

We watch people jog by as we park and get out of the car with our KFC we just picked up.

Before feeling TOO unhealthy Josh mentions that we will be going inside and watching the Olympics, which is almost as good as excersizing.


I’ve started to post things that inspire me.. (pretty pictures of outfits I like, houses I like, cool design, links I find interesting… etc.) over here. http://origamia.tumblr.com/

Why not just post that stuff here? Well, tumblr, the site that powers my other page, makes it soo easy to post like this. So until I figure out if/an easy way to integrate the two, cloverity will be about my life, photos I have taken, and tumblr will be interesting things I have found from others.

KEXP at Seattle Center

Yesterday Josh and I walked down to Seattle Center (where the space needle is) to watch a free concert put on by KEXP, the best radio station in the world.



all star gay


And I still have so many photos to post..




2 gems here for you today..

First.. if you are at all into photoshop, this is awesome (thanks for the link, Josh):

Tell a Lie

Secondly.. more pics from Victoria (of course).

Lollipop Trees

Bicycles are important

crossing the street

You know, more photos of Victoria



o canada


Chinatown in Victoria, British Columbia


public school

chinatown shop


fan tan alley

ahh reflection


Been a lazy weekend… lots of Olympic-watching… kettle-corn eating… photo-editing…

and looking at websites like this

The Periodic Table of Awesoments