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Yerba Buena Gardens

So Big!


You Are Here


SF… still.. even though it was almost a month ago





I Left my Heart in San Francisco



Aimee Love Tina. Marriage?

I am in love with Tina Fey.

If you didn’t see this last night.. here it is.

and umm.. the actual interview.

Coffee, anyone?

Starbucks Mugs

It’s Fashion

2000s in Fashion  – on Wikipedia

More photos from Simi’s Visit

Olympic Sculpture Park

Peeking out

International Fountain at Seattle Center


The Creature

6 Things to love..

6 things to love2

This breakfast

This Dessert

These Amazing Photos by Anna Wolf

Also.. these Amazing Photos

This CD

This Airline

Libraries of Seattle: Northgate Branch

Saturday Josh and I were up at the Northgate area doing some shopping.. Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and DSW. So while we were in the area, we went to the Northgate Branch of the library to get the second stamp on our passport.

Overall impressions: Very green.. this may have been because of the rain. Even though it’s on a busy street, loved the cozy feel of the library. Loved the very comfortable chairs facing a window looking out at a lush green area.

Magazine Selection: Pretty good, seemed slightly better than the Queen Anne branch (which is my home branch)


Northgate Branch .. congregation of chairs ... Bright Ideas


We take a break from the unending San Francisco pictures to bring you this very important message…

Last Saturday Josh and I went to the Central Library to hear one of the architects speak. This was in celebration of 10 years since they made a push for the libraries. Many 10 years ago either got remodeled, or a new branch was formed.. and now there are… 27 branches. Right now, they give you this Passport where you can go to all the libraries through the end of the year and get your passport stamped. So Josh and I will be doing that.. and I’ll be taking pictures at each one. It’s a good way to go to parts of the city we haven’t been to yet too!

First up.. this will probably stay my favorite branch.. but we’ll see.. the Central (downtown) Branch:

Been here a few times.. love it. The attention to detail in this library is amazing. One of my absolute favorite places in Seattle. (took the following pics while Simi was here!)

mixing chamber book return can you read the floor? between floors ... .. backlit simi letters inc 500 doc puppetmaster

……made of glass

After we left the museum, we walked around Golden Gate Park a bit.. and by the Conservatory of Flowers

House of Glass

Conservatory of Flowers