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Sunset this evening, looking out our living room window. You can see the sunset reflected in the waters of Puget Sound and what I think is Bainbridge Island off in the distance.

just a november evening

Some Assembly Required

So I know it’s not even past Thanksgiving yet so why am I posting a pic of a Christmas tree? Pic from Portland!

Some Assembly Required

A New Blogger in the Family

Guess what? Josh has finally started a blog! I know.. we’ve all been waiting a long time for this. His blog, Pruett Sound will mostly be his place to talk about music.. but I’m sure he’ll throw in some other random stuff in there as well. Now go show your support and toss a few comments his way.

Elephants! In Portland!

. .. Hitching a Ride ...

.PSU Library

University Repetition

Inside the Library

Farmers Market

Our first stop in Portland was the Saturday Farmers Market at Portland State University. Okay. Let me just say this. They have the absolute best farmers market I have seen. So many vegetables, so many food vendors, so many people! Yes, the Seattle markets are nice.. but they just aren’t so big like this one. *jealous*

Alright.. pics.

Just arrived..

First Look at the Farmers Market

A stalk of Brussels Sprouts


Some other weird veggie



Autumn Veggies

Prop 8 Protesters


And gnomes!

Gnomes or Dwarves?

Drive to Portland..

It’s always fun to take a trip down roads you haven’t traveled before. You come across unexpected things. As Josh and I headed to Portland Saturday morning, here’s some of the things we ran across:

Sleater-Kinney Road. The band was named after this road.

Sleater - Kinney.. like the band?

Our state capitol in Olympia

Capitol Building

Mount St. Helens

Off in the Distance..

Entering Oregon!

Entering Oregon...


Josh and I went to Portland this past weekend.

A teaser… many more photos to come..


Photos that Kinda Look Like they are from the 60s

more from the sunday walk..


Field House

Fallout Shelter

Look Here

Look Here

His New Glasses