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When Josh and I were deciding what color to paint our walls last spring, we decided that the perfect color would be a color called Elephantine. We made up the name, and of course never did find that color, and wound up with something blue-ish instead.

However… on the subject of Elephantine.. here are some pics of an elephant at the zoo!



Longest Eyelashes Ever


The better to hear you with..

More Animals!

Yup.. they just keep on coming.

tounge wagging

look into those eyes


And now… I bring you.. the bear. Watching this great animal was pretty amazing. He was lounging on this rock and as we watched.. got up.. and rolled over to face us… allowing me to take these photos of him. Thanks Bear!

bear! at the zoo!

Half Land, Half Water


Up Close


They just want to play together

Zoological Garden

We meant to go to the zoo here in Seattle last year. But we never got around to it. As we were eating breakfast this morning, Josh said he knew what we were going to do this afternoon. Go to the zoo! We both love looking at the animals and I love taking photos. The weather was really nice for February, so it was perfect!

Here’s the first round of pics. Trust me, there’s more to come. Bears. Elephants. Birds. etc.


A Hawaiian Feel




Cable Car at Night

Cable Car, San Francisco.

When we were there in August, I think one of my favorite things Josh and I did was ride the cable car at night. It was so fun.. and romantic in a way. I can still remember the sound of the clanging as we drove around.

Powell & Market


I will keep posting San Francisco pictures. I Will! I have so many to work through, and I haven’t taken any Seattle pics lately.

Also, I love the Golden Gate Bridge. When Josh and I walked across it over Labor Day weekend, it was a long long walk (especially the walk to the bridge itsself from our hotel!) but a nice accomplishment.


I Walked Across

Gift Shop

Two things I love

Surveying the Land

Playing with Perspective

de Young Museum, San Francisco

Museum Garden

Walking on the Ceiling


de Young Museum, San Francisco.

We Are Silhouettes

Coit Tower

Okay it’s settled. Josh and I will visit San Francisco again this year. Not sure exactly when, but it will happen. And so.. I’ve been looking through pics of the last trip I took there and editing some ones I haven’t gotten to.

Coit Tower


Coit Tower

Walking through the Marina district.. on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge


So Happy

Dinner that Josh made last night.. roasted chicken, roasted veggies (potatoes, carrots and fennel) and salad.

Valentines Dinner

Breakfast I made this morning.. strawberries and raspberries w/waffles


Feb 15 Breakfast

And the flowers in the morning light.. even prettier than last night.

Flowers Again

Have a great day!