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Gum Wall, Post Alley

Doesn’t this look yummy? Good enough to peel off the wall and eat.


I Gave this Up for Lent

And Josh gave up coffee. We have been very tired. (although giving up coffee is much much harder).


Don’t let the flowers fool you…

..it’s still cold here.



Still testing out my new lens.. I’m getting the hang of manual focusing with it.. and I love it.

Missing Three


Yesterday it was rainy.


I Bought a New Lens

On Monday, my new lens for my camera arrived. It’s a Nikon 35mm f/2D AF Lens

Between work and the gym, I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to test it out. Then last night, Josh and I were watching the Darjeeling Limited and between the wine we were drinking and that every frame from that movie could be it’s own stunning photograph.. I got inspired to take a few shots.



I’m hoping the weather will cooperate this weekend so I can get out and test it outdoors.. but this rainy morning is giving me doubts.

Beach. Again and Again.

I know you’re getting tired of all the West Seattle shots. I’m getting tired of all the West Seattle shots. Good news though! I got a new lens for my camera today. Which is a great excuse to go out and take more photos. I’ve already taken a few, and I’m in love.

But until I upload them and post them….


Josh on the Pier

By the Water

More from West Seattle..

Out Here


West Seattle

I can’t remember the last time I was in West Seattle… until today. I need to make a point to visit more times this year.


First Spring Weekend

Across Puget Sound

Portland, Oregon.

Last November we took at road trip to Portland. I still have photos from the trip I haven’t posted. Here are three of them.

Portland Has Many Bridges

Portland Building

Train, passing.