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Hut at the Zoo


Spring.. and coke. Two beautiful wonders.

Coca-cola. Mexican Coca-cola. No high fructose corn syrup. Rock.


A walk around the neighborhood today proved that spring has arrived.

In the Backyard

Into the Path

Fancy Plants

KEXP Shows in Capitol Hill

Today I took a half day and Josh and I went to see Mates of State and Black Kids at Caffe Vita, thanks to Capitol Hill winning KEXP’s Hood to Hood Challenge. Somehow we wound up in the front row on both shows. Amazing!

It was my first time seeing Mates of State live, but I love them… and have since 2007 when Josh first introduced me to them.

KEXP - Mates of State

KEXP - Mates of State

And we saw Black Kids once before.. they did a short set at Easy Street Records in Lower Queen Anne this past year. They did an acoustic-ish set both there and today, and I must say it’s my favorite way to see them perform. Simply great.

KEXP - Black Kids

KEXP - Black Kids

KEXP - Black Kids

KEXP - Black Kids


Red Light District

Happy Birthday Mom!

This was taken about a year ago.. at the rehearsal dinner for my sister’s wedding.  I can’t believe I don’t have anything more recent! Did I not take photos of them over Thanksgiving?

But I’m still she looks as stunning this year as she did last year.

dad and mom.. oh and their son-in-law


All of them.

Chris and Kathy visiting from Austin in early March. It snowed later this day. On the right is my gorgeous boyfriend. On Kathy are her fabulous boots. Chris is holding two pairs of awesome shoes in the bag.

I love this fountain.

People Always Turn Their Backs to Me

One Brownie Left

Ummm… yeah.

Josh likes the edges.

One Left

Recent Random Photos

These are all photos that have been taken over the past week.. random shots, here and there.

Hula hooper sign on Bainbridge Island

Hula Hooper

On the Ferry coming into Seattle

Arriving in Seattle

New Shoes!

New Shoes

Daffodil.. and the tulips will open.. soon.

The tulips are starting to arrive

Coconut Cream Pie from Whole Foods.. our dessert tonight

Thanks Whole Foods


So excited that it’s Thursday. Even more excited that everything is finally blooming around here.

It's Finally Getting Warmer

Around Bainbridge