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Fremont Solstice Parade

In the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle, every year there is a Solstice Parade to celebrate the summer solstice. The parade starts out with people on bicycles, with a few skateboarders and in-line skaters thrown in. Many of these people have painted their bodies. Then.. come a few floats, some dancing, and interesting people walking. Josh and I missed the parade last year, so we knew we HAD to go this year. Just check out the pictures to see why.

Silver Surfer Entertains the Young

A Group of Bikers

Ms. Pac Man

Square Dude

Sun God

Batman is Awesome.

A Superhero Has Fallen

Gorilla flashing.

Free Love Hugs

On Parade


On Saturday, Josh and I went to Discovery Park did a little walking around, and laid a blanket on the beach and relaxed. What a great way to spend a weekend.



Passing Them By


The last of the road trip photos..


So much.

Watch for Trains

Roadside Stop

King of the World

Road Trip Photos

I’m trying to finish up all the photos I’ve been wanting to edit from our California road trip. I have a few more I’m still working on.. but here’s the last set I’ve uploaded.





Blue-Green of the Pacific


Well lookie here.

I want to take off my shoes and run through the sand

Northern California

Slow Trucks… slow.

Taken from the car window.. traveling on I-5 in California.

Slow Trucks

a bunch of random shots

I’ve been editing photos this weekend because it makes me happy. Here’s a bunch of random shots:

Pismo Beach, California

Morning Walk

Leaving San Luis Obispo, heading towards I-5

Road Signs

California Hwy46

Highway 1 in California

California Hwy1

Montana de Oro in California

Leisurely Walk by the Pacific

Just north of Mount Shasta in California, traveling on I-5

As Seen From the Car

A polaroid of Josh holding this weird picture we found on a street corner in our neighborhood

Art from the 70s?

A shot of a new/old polaroid camera we picked up at the Punk Rock Flea Market yesterday

Another New Camera

Polaroid Land Camera 210

San Luis Obispo County

Wet Sand

Riding the Trails


Day with the Waves