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A Letter to the Decemberists

Dear Decemberists,

I know you are playing here in Seattle tonight and Thursday night. But sadly, I am not going to either show. Josh looked up tickets yesterday.. all they had were in the balcony, open seating, and with fees and such it still wound up being over $40 for each ticket. I say, no thanks, even though I missed you when you played at the Mohawk, I saw you rock it at ACL a few months ago, with a great position in the crowd. And you even sang Dracula’s Daughter! I have no way of knowing if you will play that for the Seattle crowd.

Plus, you know, I’ve got stuff to do. I want to go to Trader Joes, Project Runway is on tonight, etc. Maybe next time, Decemberists, if tickets aren’t so much. I know you have bills to pay, but so do I.

Josh and the Decemberists

More Snow

Around 4am this morning I woke up and as I was lying there, I looked out the window. Even without my glasses on, I realized what was falling from the sky. Snow.

Even though it has snowed a couple of times since we’ve moved here, I get excited each time. The time it stuck on the ground a bit. This past Saturday, when Josh and I were at a coffee house in Queen Anne and we saw the flakes start to fall outside.. and then stop. Last night when all of the flakes caught the reflection of the light outside the window and they looked pink-ish.

Now the snow has stopped here. As I look outside the window, I see cars with inches of caked snow drive by, from further north. And I keep wishing that the snow will start again.

Edit to add:

After I got to work this morning, it started snowing again hard. So the only other guy that was there in my dept decided to go work from home, and I decided to do the same. Josh and I took a break and went up to the rooftop to play a bit.

snowball and seattle snowball a little snowman Footprints

Still here..

Day 15 of 366: Waiting

Seattle has been nice. Tuesday I felt a little overwhelmed by everything. My car was supposed to arrive, and there were difficulties with that (side note: it didn’t arrive until Thursday). The whole situation just was not fun, and made me feel a little homesick for Austin. The next day, Josh and I went downtown to drop off the rental car and we walked around downtown a bit. That made me glad to be here again. It reminded me why I wanted to move here and why I am glad I am here.

Now, the next step… finding a place to live.

…And Now I Live in Seattle

Day 6 of 366: Room with a View

So. I’ve been here for a few days now (and today is my first day with the internet!) After these few days I have decided I don’t like driving in Seattle. Here’s why.. driving in Austin can be confusing, and Austin drivers are a bit crazy, but it’s the streets! There are so many random one-way streets here. Oh, and I hear you can’t drive down 3rd avenue during certain parts of the day because only buses can go down it.

Since I haven’t had the internet, I haven’t been able to look up bus routes or anything fun like that. So yesterday (first day of work) I decided to drive. So I drove to the headquarters, where orientation was, which wound up going okay. I only got slightly lost going there. At the end of the day, I took the shuttle back from my building to the headquarters and got in my car and got SOOO lost going back. First I got lost right after I left. Once I found my way to 99, I figured it was smooth sailing. It was. Until I missed the right turn I needed to make. I wound up driving all around Queen Anne for awhile before I found a street that actually did not Dead End. By the time I made it home, I was worn out from all the driving and trying to figure out where I was.

So today I took the bus. I get a free bus pass, and it is awesome. There is a bus that picks up right outside my apartment and then drops off a few blocks from work. I love the bus. I am fine commuting around the central area of the city by bus, and only taking my car places on weekends, and when I want to drive out to Target or a mall.

Oh, btw.. I still have been taking a photo every day! I’m going to try to post all of them on Flickr today.

Christmas Party

Thursday night was my last Apogee Christmas Party. It was fantastic. I think everyone had a great time. It was 80s-themed, and there were video games! But the best part was just getting to hang out with all the fantastic people that soon I will no longer work with. And the drinks! All the pics can be found in this flickr set. I will miss this.

Five Things I Will Miss About Austin

Drop Beats Not Bombs

Five Things I Will Miss About Austin

  1. Alamo Drafthouse – movie and awesome food!!! What’s not to like? Yesterday I had an excellent pizza and Creme Brulee while watching the Golden Compass. Other cities (Seattle) really need to pick up this awesome idea.
  2. Sixth Street, 4th Street, Red River… – These areas are great. Downtown is the place to be on weekend nights, because you have the craziness of 6th street, the more laid-back 4th street, and for music.. Red River!
  3. Central Market, Whole Foods Flagship Stores – Even if I don’t buy anything (but I almost always do), I love walking around and looking at all the cheeses.. and produce.. and desserts…… and samples! These stores are just so great. And yes, I know they have Whole Foods in Seattle, but not the FLAGSHIP awesome store.
  4. The Hike and Bike Trail – I only went running on this once while I lived in Austin. But I did walk on it plenty, and I just love the feel it gives the area. Health-conscious, pretty, etc..
  5. KUT – 90.5! NPR, public radio.. I love this station (minus John Aielli).

Rainy City

Well… I’m moving. To Seattle. I went on an interview last week and I got the job! So after talking and discussion with the boyfriend.. I decided to take it. So we’re moving! I start my new job on January 7th. Not too much time, and there’s tons to do between now and then.. like packing. And Christmas. And New Year’s.

But I’m excited. It will be weird living in a state other than Texas. I’ll definitely have to get used to the rain and colder weather. It will be fun though.

I of course took pictures when I was there visiting briefly last week.

Here’s the first installment.. they have these Nutcracker Statues all over the downtown-ish area. Here are all the ones I found even though there are tons more that I didn’t run across:

Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker Nutcracker

Christmas Tree!

Josh and I went and got our Christmas tree from Home Depot yesterday. Then we set it up and Josh put all of the lights on it. And today we did the ornaments! Now it’s all there and Christmas-y. It just needs presents.