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A Letter to the Decemberists

Dear Decemberists,

I know you are playing here in Seattle tonight and Thursday night. But sadly, I am not going to either show. Josh looked up tickets yesterday.. all they had were in the balcony, open seating, and with fees and such it still wound up being over $40 for each ticket. I say, no thanks, even though I missed you when you played at the Mohawk, I saw you rock it at ACL a few months ago, with a great position in the crowd. And you even sang Dracula’s Daughter! I have no way of knowing if you will play that for the Seattle crowd.

Plus, you know, I’ve got stuff to do. I want to go to Trader Joes, Project Runway is on tonight, etc. Maybe next time, Decemberists, if tickets aren’t so much. I know you have bills to pay, but so do I.

Josh and the Decemberists

More Snow

Around 4am this morning I woke up and as I was lying there, I looked out the window. Even without my glasses on, I realized what was falling from the sky. Snow.

Even though it has snowed a couple of times since we’ve moved here, I get excited each time. The time it stuck on the ground a bit. This past Saturday, when Josh and I were at a coffee house in Queen Anne and we saw the flakes start to fall outside.. and then stop. Last night when all of the flakes caught the reflection of the light outside the window and they looked pink-ish.

Now the snow has stopped here. As I look outside the window, I see cars with inches of caked snow drive by, from further north. And I keep wishing that the snow will start again.

Edit to add:

After I got to work this morning, it started snowing again hard. So the only other guy that was there in my dept decided to go work from home, and I decided to do the same. Josh and I took a break and went up to the rooftop to play a bit.

snowball and seattle snowball a little snowman Footprints

Still here..

Day 15 of 366: Waiting

Seattle has been nice. Tuesday I felt a little overwhelmed by everything. My car was supposed to arrive, and there were difficulties with that (side note: it didn’t arrive until Thursday). The whole situation just was not fun, and made me feel a little homesick for Austin. The next day, Josh and I went downtown to drop off the rental car and we walked around downtown a bit. That made me glad to be here again. It reminded me why I wanted to move here and why I am glad I am here.

Now, the next step… finding a place to live.


Day 11 of 366: Chinatown

On the Way to Work..

Day 10 of 366: Making Tracks

Glove Pond Rocks my World

no really, it does.

Day 7 of 366: Glove Pond Rocks My World

View almost from my office

Day 8 of 366: View from the Office

Day 2 of 366

It’s only day two and I almost forgot to take a pic! So I went in and snapped a few of my contact lens cases. I have several, due to trying out three different pairs of contacts from the eye doctor in the past month (none of which work that fantastically). Then, since I was going to Simi’s house to watch Project Runway, I was got the idea to take a pic of the awesome job she did painting the living/dining room area of her brother’s house . It’s turquoise with big circles. It’s amazing. Why am I describing this to you instead of showing a picture? Well.. I remembered to take my camera but left my memory card still in the computer. So, you get to see the picture of my contact lens cases.

Day 2 of 366: Contacts

2008/366 Photos

First day of 2008! WOOHOO! This year I am going to try to take one photo every day. And.. well.. I can’t promise I will actually post the photo that day.. but if I don’t post it that day, hopefully in the next couple of days.

Here is the photo for day one:

Day 1 of 366

And just for excitement.. here are a couple more pics I took for new years!

Me and Krista  .

The Year 2021

Seattle Photos!!!

a few more…

Who Says It Always Rains in Seattle?

Little People

Looking Down