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Day with the Waves

the Pacific

It was at this beach that I had my first touch of the Pacific Ocean (other than the water that comes into Puget Sound).

Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Wind and Water Combination

Stretch of Sand

And here are the remains of the Sutro Baths. Being there, seeing this, walking among the ruins made me feel like I was walking among Greek or Roman ruins.

Sutro Bath House Ruins

Northwest Folklife Festival

It’s nice to live within walking distance to¬† cool places. Saturday Josh and I traversed down Queen Anne Hill to walk around the Seattle Center and check out the Folklife Festival. I’ve never seen the place so crowded! It was such a nice day and fun time.


Viewing the Lawn

Balloon Firework

Fun Forest is Open

Camera of the Future

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

I plan on: editing photos, spending time outdoors, making homemade ice cream, and using my polaroid and film cameras.

Polaroid, what? Yes, I got a polaroid camera, a present from a very very lovely lady who I met up with last Saturday for some pastries, coffee, and a photowalk. I have only 4 packs of film (10 photos per pack) and it cost quite a bit, so I will be using sparingly. It’s magical though. I had never taken a polaroid picture before Saturday, and it is amazing to click the shutter and hear the camera take the photo and pop out the film.. and then to watch it develop right before your eyes! Crazy technology I tell you. Camera of the future.

Here is a shot of the camera (taken with my nikon d90)

A Look at my New Camera

And a couple of photos I have taken with the camera…

Back Patio

estate sale


Camera Obscura

San Francisco Choices


Sutter Creek, California

Sink in Odd Places

One Year Older

Yesterday I turned 27. It sounds so much older than 26. Then again, 26 sounded so much older than 25. Today I went to the grocery store and bought a bottle of wine and didn’t get carded. This is happening more and more.

I did have a lovely weekend. The weather in Seattle was so warm. On Saturday I actually wore a tank top, skirt and flip flops in the afternoon and Josh and I brought a blanket to the park and read. So lovely.

Here’s some photos taken over the last week-ish..



Fresh Basil



Sutter Creek

Sutter Creek, California.


Olde Tyme Ice Cream

Town 02

Town 01

Town 03

North on I-5

Headed from San Luis Obispo up north to gold country..

I like maps.

Why yes, those are llamas

Smoky dust.

Smoke on I-5

Fudge Shop

Pismo Beach kinda rocks.

Fudge Kitchen, YES!